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The Anahata festival provides a vast array of opportunities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. You can engage in transformative workshops, immerse yourself in soul-stirring live music performances, experience the pure joy of dancing, rejuvenate yourself in the tranquil nature, and purify your body in the sauna. Embrace the abundant offerings of the festival and allow yourself to connect deeply with your inner self and the divine.



The workshop program and schedule for 2024 is in the making, but here are the workshops from 2023, as examples of what to expect.

Elena Klymenko kudalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga

With Elena Klymenko

Anahata Kundalini Yoga with crystal Bowls sound bath –  practice that focuses on opening the heart center and aligning with your true path. We will start with realigning chakra warm up, followed by Hatha flow to get your entire body and mind rejuvenated and balanced, followed by special Kundalini yoga kriya for the open heart shining with love and kindness. 

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to be an experience for both body and soul.

In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

Your experience will be enhanced with the meditative sound of seven crystal bowls corresponding to each chakra which helps with their alignment and balance.

Masha Andreeva playing shamanic drum

Shamanic Sound Circle

With Masha Andreeva

A large sound circle has become a staple of Anahata. We activate our shamanic wisdom through offering a gift of improvised soundmaking to each other, setting off into a journey into our hearts and dreams. Explore your voice, practice deep listening and mindful sounding that open the heart and invite harmony.

Let your heart guide you, hear your inner voice, take a look at the signs and messages that are waiting to be discovered. As a group, we will be co-creating a healing soundscape for a receiver. Participants will take turns in receiving – journeying through the soundscape. No previous musical experience is necessary. User-friendly instruments will be provided. You may bring your favourite instruments, if you have any.

Breathing Outside

Breathe with Barber: High on your own supply

With Tom Barber

Through active mindful breathing we can reset our nervous systems, detoxifying our body, giving it what it needs, and reaching altered states!

Everything may come up and come out, do something that will make you feel great for multiple days ahead!

Join us for a one hour guided session intentional breathwork on Saturday morning and charge up for the whole weekend.

Aboriginal Cultural Dance

Didgeridoo Fundamentals

With Masoud Riazati

Join us at the Anahata festival and let the captivating sound of the didgeridoo transport you to the sacred realm of the dreamtime, where we awaken our souls and explore the profound depths of our being.

In this workshop, we will delve deep into the historical and spiritual roots of this ancient instrument, unlocking its profound healing benefits.

Didgeridoo, originating from the Indigenous people of Australia, holds a sacred place in their culture and is revered for its ability to connect us with the dreamtime. As we explore its mesmerizing sounds, we embark on a powerful exploration of our own origins and the realms beyond.

In this workshop Discover the fundamental breathing techniques that are integral to playing the didgeridoo. Through gentle guidance and practice, you will learn how to harness the instrument's innate power, tapping into its mystical resonance and creating mesmerizing rhythms.

We will provide a limited number of didgeridoos for participants to use, but we encourage you to bring your own if you have one. By using your personal instrument, you establish a unique bond with its energy, creating a more personal and transformative experience. Note: Prior experience with the didgeridoo is not required. All levels of participants are welcome to embark on this transformative journey of sound and spirit.



With Nima Ghomeshi

We will spend 30 minutes learning and practicing Anapana meditation (observation of the breath as it is) followed by 30 minutes learning and practicing beatboxing - making percussion-like sounds with our mouths in a rhythmic fashion.


Anapana meditation calms, concentrates, and slows down the mind while also connecting it to the body. A peaceful feeling will eventually be generated.

This will be an ideal state from which to boogie down, i.e. learn/practice beatboxing and make some Zen.beatZ together!

Marina Vinyasa.jpeg

Vinyasa Yoga

With Marina Yoga Path

Vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow. In this somatic practice you will be invited to set your own intention. Then we will flow through a series of asanas to improve mobility, flexibility, strength and balance.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga wakes up the internal fire. It ignites the dormant flame of vital life energy within all of us. The Vinyasa system works with the synchronization of deep, rhythmic breathing and movement. By linking the postures, it creates a continuous flow of energy that heats the body up, bringing oxygen to the blood, nourishing the glands and internal organs, cleansing and purifying, releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. As the heat goes up, toxins are burned out of the system, creating a lighter and stronger body, and a clear mind.

We will seal the practice with a sweet shavasana.


Your Powerful Voice

With Francesca Ranalli of Sacred Earth Sounds (M.Mus, B.Mus, Vocal Alchemy)

Are you ready to begin honouring your voice as a reflection of your soul and how you show up in the world? Would you like to begin to understand how to liberate the power of your healing voice?
The human voice is one of the most powerful sound healing instruments and one we each possess, yet so many of us are inhibited vocally, silenced in physical and psychological ways. This workshop will introduce the art of transforming feelings, thoughts and experiences through the voice. Not by bypassing, but by using the energy of our state of being and giving it passage through sound, by exploring the powerful effect of vocal vibration within the body, and by inviting in transformation through intentional sound. All of this will be grounded in an understanding of vocal pedagogy affording ease and authenticity.
Francesca’s journey with the voice as instrument spans many years and
expressions. She holds space with sound, teaches voice to actors, and performs as a classical vocalist. She brings this collective experience and knowledge into any work she does to facilitate well-being. She views working with sound and voice as the facilitation of the vibrations, sounds and energetics for the healing capacity that exists within each of us. It is in the conscious nurturing of this capacity within ourselves that we assert ownership and growth of well-being and whole living.

Exploring artwork

Art and Sound Journey

With Imi Oto and Sarah Jane

This is an offering to explore your intuitive design. Through a form of Spiritual Art Therapy, using the healing frequencies of SOUND, connecting with Gaia, utilising natural pigments, energetics, meditation, movement and creative flow. 

We are creating a safe container for ALL AGES to experience their inner guidance, and connection with the NOW. To celebrate mindfulness, the pure CONNECTION, and POWER we all hold.

Imi Oto, on flute, and Artist, Sarah Jane Mariposa will be your guides for an hour of connection and exploration.

We will be joining in circle to make natural pigments/paints for this Art & Sound Journey.

During this experience, guests will be asked to wear a provided blindfold/MINDFOLD (optional) to enhance their journey. We will be using a simple expression, and medium, in a mindful and intuitive way, with space for retrospection. To activate a deep connection with our divine SELF.

Hand and Leaf

Connect and Reset

With Zeena Dotiwalla

Relax and unwind – and learn how to help someone relax and unwind too! This
workshop invites you to collaborate with a partner to both give, and receive the
healing benefits of therapeutic touch. This class is welcome to all, whether it is your first time offering manual therapy, or you want to enhance and hone your palpation skills. Zeena will offer her knowledge and experience from her extensive education and training in osteopathy, professional dance, yoga and personal training. The class will be divided in two parts; you and your partner will each take turns offering, and, oh yes – receiving (!) therapeutic touch. Zeena will guide you through every step of the process, from head to toe, while leaving room for your own intuitive inner healer to take the lead. This is an opportunity to connect, not just with another person, but also to your own inner self. In this interoceptive journey, you will leave feeling a little more connected to your body, the earth, your partner and the world around you.

*It is recommended (but not necessary) to bring: a partner, a (yoga)mat, pillow(s), blanket, water, journal, and any other therapeutic additions you may enjoy.
** Verbal consent will be necessary for touch therapy

Zeena is an active member of the OAO (Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners). She received her D.O.M.P. (Diploma in Osteopathy Manual Practice) and D.Sc.O. (Diploma in the Science of Osteopathy) from the Canadian College of Osteopathy (2020). Her treatments consist of layering various techniques, such as cranio-sacral therapy, osteo-articular mobilizations, myofascial release, as well as addressing visceral, fluidic and energetic work.
Zeena has also earned a diploma in contemporary dance from L’école de danse
contemporainne de Montréal (formerly known as LADMMI, 2011), a BFA Hons in
dance from York University (2008), certified in Reiki Level Two (2016), completed
her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga Alliance (2021), CanFitPro
Personal Trainer certified (2012), First aid and CPR certified, and bilingual in
English and French.

photo_2023-06-15 13.29.52.jpeg

Blossoms of Sacred Geometry: Flower of Life Postcards

With Elena Akulova

Immerse yourself in the world of sacred geometry as we explore the profound symbolism of “Flower of Life". Discover the power of colors and how they can enhance our  journeys. We'll begin by setting our intentions for the creative journey ahead. We'll then channel our creativity into painting unique postcards, infused with the essence of this geometric masterpiece and enriched with vibrant colors. It promises to be an enchanting and transformative experience.

No prior artistic experience is required - just an open mind and a desire to explore the beauty of “Flower of Life”.

Elena is an artist and crafter with a passion for feathers. For the past 8 years, Elena's artistic journey has been enriched by the presence of mandalas in her life. Mandalas have become a central theme in her artistic expression, reflecting her fascination with their intricate patterns and symbolic meanings. Elena has delved into the study of art therapy, mandalas, and sacred geometry. This exploration has deepened her understanding of the therapeutic power of art and the profound impact that mandalas and sacred geometry can have on one's well-being.


Lu Jong Dao de Chi

With Liubov Malkova

Lu Jong Dao De Chi is one form of Qigong practice. Lu Yong is sometimes referred to as 'Chinese Yoga' because it is based on Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Lu Yong will fill you with the energy of the surrounding world and bring a state of alertness, optimism, and self-confidence.

By practicing Lu Yong, you will enhance your productivity, stress resilience, and mindfulness. You will learn to restore your inner energy resources. The 'Five Elements Energy' exercise complex aims to develop a more subtle sensitivity to different energies, achieve tranquility, and emotional balance.


Suizen: the Exercise of Blowing Meditation

With Akim

During the session lead by Akim we will integrate the participants into a meditative exercise based on breathing out and the sound of the bamboo flute. We will refer to the history of the komuso monks, focusing on the concept of the void and non substantial practice of the shakuhachi.


Connection & Play: A partner dance workshop

With Michelle and Alex

Using the tools of movement and music we will explore how to connect and communicate with another person to co-create a dance that merges individual expression into one magical experience.

We will introduce you to a few concepts to help synchronize movement to create flow with a partner. No partner required as we will be switching to understand how to be adaptable and learn to listen and communicate non-verbally. We hope to give you a few skills to take out to the dance floor and connect with others!


Women's Circle

With Jenna

For those who aren't familiar, a Women's Circle is a safe space dedicated to healing and sharing. When women come together, something magical happens – we connect, uplift, and empower one another through the power of storytelling and vulnerability. 

Join us at Anahata for this transformative experience! Whether you're a regular attendee or new to Women's Circles, everyone is welcome! Let's embrace sisterhood and create a supportive community of women.

Let's make this Women's Circle a beautiful journey of growth, love, and understanding.


Anahata Sounds

Friday evening will treat us to live music performances and electronic music will start Saturday afternoon with the sounds of ambient and downtempo and will slowly morph into upbeat dance party by the evening. Sunday we continue to relax with the ambient music in the daytime and will have a second dance night. Saturday and Sunday evening will be sprinkled with some live music – see below for sound bath and live performance details as well as DJ lineup from 2023.



house / d&b / downtempo chill

Deep house / d&b / funky electro salad

Psy dub / uk dub / reggae / dub techno

Shamanic-organic-dynamic house

Hypnotic Modular techno

Melodic deep house / global beats

Techhouse / melodic techno

In space we trust, sounds of local languages

Deep techno / minimal

Organic bass house / downtempo

Chill reggae / hip-hop / festive house

Basstech drum n step polymorphic dub

Melodic tech house / d&b

Look for an updated DJ lineup closer to the event.

Live Performances

Live Performances

Moskitto Bar

“It is not only about the music. In a deeper way it is about the connection between cultures…”
~Tangi Ropars, leader of Moskitto Bar. 

Moskitto Bar is a fresh and unique sound created in the multi-cultural hub of Toronto, Canada. Their sound combines a beautiful and original mix of Ukrainian, Balkan, Iraqi Middle-Eastern and French Celtic music.

Toronto saw the band playing in the streets, community events and bars and more recently in public libraries, Aga Khan museum, Opera House, Ashkenazi festival and Korner Hall. Moskitto Bar shared the stage with international musicians such as famous Russian band Dobranotch,  the Bosnian icon Bozo Vreco, and Burdon Fold Band from Ukraine. Collaborations with other artists is embedded in the band’s culture/mandate. 

The Moskittos and their community of musicians can often be found jamming at Drom Taberna the new iconic live music venue in Toronto. 

Moskitto Bar

Sound Bath

With Project Mariri

Enjoy one hour of multi-instrumental multi-dimensional journey through sound.

Project Mariri is a collaboration between Mariya Garnet and Masha Andreeeva based on their longstanding dedication to using music as medicine. Their experience with traditional healing modalities of South and North America and Eurasia informs their shared values that nature is sacred and that we are all interconnected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

Masha and Mariya are integrating years of traditional apprenticeship with formal western education in psychology and psychotherapy to create safe space filled with healing sounds for groups and individuals to journey through soundscapes.

"Mariri" means Force of Nature/Forest for Indigenous people of the Amazon. We feel that the name strongly relates to our belief that nature is sacred and we are part of it. "Mariri" is also a tribute to our plant medicine work.​​​



Svitoplas is a Toronto-based group that aims to create deep, moving musical journeys ranging from meditative to full ecstatic dance. The group consists of Will Luai on guitar, bass, vocals, and production, Alex Widder (Sanya) on percussion, synths, piano, and vocals, Yulia Shevel on violin and vocals, and Hao Hong (Giza) on didgeridoo. The four are looking to nurture a sense of belonging in their new found home here in Toronto. Yulia moving from Ukraine just a year ago, Giza coming recently from China, Will making his way from Vancouver, and Sanya a first generation immigrant of Georgian and Russian descent who has been building community here in Toronto for many years. Weaving together history, emotion, and instrumentation from around the world, their intention is to create a space for expression, creativity and play. They wish to continue showing how humans can thrive and co-create on this beautiful planet, no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. 
Diverse is the musical background, coming together to create something fresh and unique. Yulia was the first violin in a classical orchestra touring all over Europe; a true student of all forms of music she also DJs techno and electronic music. Sanya was also trained as a classical pianist and DJs ecstatic dance music at Ecstatic Dance Toronto and all over Toronto, as well as being a well accomplished multi instrumentalist. Will has a background in jazz guitar, electronic music, and ambient music and blends these diverse genres in his productions. Giza plays didgeridoo at sound healing events and uses a looper to create lush layers of sound with his horn. 


OneRhythm Chillzone Chanting

JS McPherson of OneRhythm Yoga, Drumming, and Sound accompanied by Amrita Rose Moon on vocals/harmonium and Imi Oto on flute bring a unique blend of sonic sound and rhythmic alchemy to “chillzone chanting”, sound journeys, ecstatic dance, and kundalini yoga.  JS weaves digital audio and world music together creating “electro-chill” beats blending mantras with hypnotic, and atmospheric dynamics that are alluringly ambient, inspiriting, and sensual.

Fire Show

Fire Show

Ignite your imagination with the breathtaking fire performances on Friday night, accompanying the live music, and additional shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Stan Velikolepny - fire staff
Teeba Alkhudairi - fire hoop
Masha Andreeva - fire poi


Anahata expanded in 2023 and was delighted to host these talented crafters this year, who offered us locally and lovingly hand-made jewelry, clothing, delicious food and drinks! Make 

Contact us, if you would like to join as a vendor in 2024.

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 3.05.51 PM.png

The Bored Bohemian

Hand-made jewelry and home decor

Hi, I’m Brielle and I own The Bored Bohemian, a small business located out of Guelph, Ontario. I have been making unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and home decor for three years, specializing in making earthy, magical creations inspired by Nature. The Bored Bohemian is dedicated to adorning people in affordable, high quality products that will transport you to a magical place and time.

Stand includes: 

  • Macrame Jewelry

  • Macrame Decor

  • Ceramics

  • Boho Decor

  • Vinyl Record Bowls

  • New/Used Vintage & Festival Clothing

Instagram      Facebook      Etsy

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-05 at 9.19.27 AM.jpeg


Levantine cuisine

Laimun, in collaboration with Teta's Kitchen will bring the vibrant flavors of the Levant to bloom where we combine passion with fresh ingredients. Our skilled chefs will prepare authentic Levantine cuisine, using aromatic spices and locally sourced produce. There will be an assortment of sandwiches, snacks and soup/beans along with our signature Lemonade (Laimun literally means Lemon!) . Our offering will be vegan friendly with a choice or two for meat lovers.

Instagram    Webpage

juicyGoddess logo

The Juicy Goddesses

Hand-made clothing and jewelry

At The Juicy Goddesses our mission is to lovingly create environmentally friendly, hand-made clothing that helps you ignite and let free the Juicy Goddess within!

Eco Fiendly Materials

All of our materials are made with eco-friendly natural fibres like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, Tencel, and more!

Canadian made

Handmade with love outside of Toronto Canada. I design and make each order with love and intention creating a high quality product just for you!

Slow Fashion & Size Inclusive

Slow fashion means: High quality pieces made in smaller batches, using eco friendly material.



Zsolt Sauce

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Thai Chili Peppers, and time. No Sugar, Oil or Preserves. Vegan, Keto and Paleo Friendly plus Gluten-Free with a no-refrigeration required shelf life of five years! Leave it out with your salt and pepper instead of losing it in your fridge!

It's the sauce everyone can enjoy, as it's not about the heat but the flavour. His youngest taster was 6 months old (recorded on Instagram) at the Tillsonburg Fair in Ontario and she loved it!

Zsolt always has his sauce by his side and will take you on a magical Guided Flavour Journey that will blow your mind. It's a kid-friendly trip that anyone can partake in!




We are happy to welcome iSauna back to Anahata in 2024, with their aromatic wood-fired barrel sauna, refreshing shower and cooling tubs. Sweat, refresh and chill by the fire in their cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The sauna experience is included in the price of the ticket and will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Barrel Sauna
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