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The Anahata festival provides a vast array of opportunities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. You can engage in transformative workshops, immerse yourself in soul-stirring live music performances, experience the pure joy of dancing, rejuvenate yourself in the tranquil nature, and purify your body in the sauna. Embrace the abundant offerings of the festival and allow yourself to connect deeply with your inner self and the divine.



The workshop program and schedule for 2024 is in the making, but here are the highlights


Voices and Vision:
Empowering voices, shaping the future

With Josii Yakecan

This workshop is a journey of deep discovery; revealing our voice as it is, is to awaken the power of our free expression.
We learn how to free ourselves from judgment, fears and the blockages that prevent us from something that is our nature.
Our voice immediately puts us in connection with ourselves, with each other and with the present moment. Weaving between sound and silence, resting in the stillness where our sound comes from; we return to the source of Life
Our voice is the bridge between the divine and matter, it is our way back home.

This workshop is an opportunity to dive into a journey of self-discovery and
expression through the tool of voice.
This is a call to reclaim the voice as an ancestral instrument, connect with
sound and the expression of your own voice in a sacred and profound way.

Josii is a multiverse artist, singer and songwriter of medicine music from Brazil. She draws inspiration from nature to create a unique musical style. She integrates her music into spiritual healing spaces, leading cacao ceremonies, guiding workshops and retreats. Her mission is to empower individuals to heal through sound and voice.

Elena Klymenko kudalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga

With Elena Klymenko

Anahata Kundalini Yoga with crystal Bowls sound bath –  practice that focuses on opening the heart center and aligning with your true path. We will start with realigning chakra warm up, followed by Hatha flow to get your entire body and mind rejuvenated and balanced, followed by special Kundalini yoga kriya for the open heart shining with love and kindness. 

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to be an experience for both body and soul.

In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

Your experience will be enhanced with the meditative sound of seven crystal bowls corresponding to each chakra which helps with their alignment and balance.

Masha Andreeva playing shamanic drum

Shamanic Sound Circle

With Masha Andreeva

A large sound circle has become a staple of Anahata. We activate our shamanic wisdom through offering a gift of improvised soundmaking to each other, setting off into a journey into our hearts and dreams. Explore your voice, practice deep listening and mindful sounding that open the heart and invite harmony.

Let your heart guide you, hear your inner voice, take a look at the signs and messages that are waiting to be discovered. As a group, we will be co-creating a healing soundscape for a receiver. Participants will take turns in receiving – journeying through the soundscape. No previous musical experience is necessary. User-friendly instruments will be provided. You may bring your favourite instruments, if you have any.


Science and Psychedelics:  
Today’s Key Issues and Finding Your Voice Within Them

With Brian Rush

Brian is a Scientist Emeritus, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto. With over 45 years’ experience as a mental and substance use health services researcher, Brian is among the leading researchers in psychedelic science in Canada and internationally. He is a strong advocate for Indigenous voices and perspectives in this space, author of major research syntheses and scientific papers and lead
researcher for the Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project and the Entheogen Treatment Outcome Project.

Brian will lead a workshop offering participants learnings and insight into:
the state of the science concerning psychedelic and traditional entheogenic medicines - what we “know”, how we “know” it, and what we would like to “know” about their healing potential, current regulatory issues and challenges to improve access to these medicines as well as responsible therapeutic and ceremonial practices that honor the sacred and community.

Participants will be encouraged to reflect on key issues in the field today related to science and ceremony (e.g., Indigenous reciprocity; intersection of science and spirituality; role of industry and community) and find their voice in the issues that most resonate with them and their own gifts.

Hand and Leaf

Connect and Reset

With Zeena Dotiwalla

Relax and unwind – and learn how to help someone relax and unwind too! This
workshop invites you to collaborate with a partner to both give, and receive the
healing benefits of therapeutic touch. This class is welcome to all, whether it is your first time offering manual therapy, or you want to enhance and hone your palpation skills. Zeena will offer her knowledge and experience from her extensive education and training in osteopathy, professional dance, yoga and personal training. The class will be divided in two parts; you and your partner will each take turns offering, and, oh yes – receiving (!) therapeutic touch. Zeena will guide you through every step of the process, from head to toe, while leaving room for your own intuitive inner healer to take the lead. This is an opportunity to connect, not just with another person, but also to your own inner self. In this interoceptive journey, you will leave feeling a little more connected to your body, the earth, your partner and the world around you.

*It is recommended (but not necessary) to bring: a partner, a (yoga)mat, pillow(s), blanket, water, journal, and any other therapeutic additions you may enjoy.
** Verbal consent will be necessary for touch therapy

Zeena is an active member of the OAO (Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners). She received her D.O.M.P. (Diploma in Osteopathy Manual Practice) and D.Sc.O. (Diploma in the Science of Osteopathy) from the Canadian College of Osteopathy (2020). Her treatments consist of layering various techniques, such as cranio-sacral therapy, osteo-articular mobilizations, myofascial release, as well as addressing visceral, fluidic and energetic work.
Zeena has also earned a diploma in contemporary dance from L’école de danse
contemporainne de Montréal (formerly known as LADMMI, 2011), a BFA Hons in
dance from York University (2008), certified in Reiki Level Two (2016), completed
her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga Alliance (2021), CanFitPro
Personal Trainer certified (2012), First aid and CPR certified, and bilingual in
English and French.


Your Powerful Voice

With Francesca Ranalli of Sacred Earth Sounds (M.Mus, B.Mus, Vocal Alchemy)

Francesca’s journey with the voice spans many years and expressions. She holds
space with sound, teaches voice to actors, and performs as a classical and jazz
vocalist. She brings this collective experience and knowledge into any work she
does to facilitate well-being. She views working with sound and voice as the
facilitation of the vibrations, sounds and energetics for the healing capacity that
exists within each of us. It is in the conscious nurturing of this capacity within
ourselves that we assert ownership and growth of well-being and whole living.

In this workshop: So many of us are inhibited vocally, silenced in physical and
psychological ways. Yet, joyful freedom of expression and song is our birthright
and the voice is a reflection of the soul and how we show up in the world.

If you would like to begin to understand how to liberate the power of your healing voice, this workshop will introduce the art of transforming feelings, thoughts and experiences through the voice. Not by bypassing, but by using the energy of our state of being and giving it passage through sound, by exploring the powerful effect of vocal vibration within the body, by inviting in transformation through intentional sound, and, above all, by honouring Self, offering permission and surrendering to trust. All of this will be grounded in an understanding of vocal pedagogy affording ease and authenticity.

photo_2024-06-26 13.23.21.jpeg

Breathwork and Cold Exposure, Wim Hof Method Style

With Billy Brown

Join certified Wim Hof Method instructor Billy Brown and learn how to get high on your own supply!

Using breath, cold and commitment, we are able to transform our chemistry and generate powerful feelings of euphoria. Not only can we feel great mentally, but we provide the physical body with unique hormetic stressors that strengthen the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems. Spiritually, we feel more connected to Nature, each other and to our own hearts. Emotionally, we may even release through laughter, crying or screaming. The WHM is thus a powerful and truly holistic wellness tool. Billy will create a safe space for you to breathe and to face the merciless, yet righteous, ice cold water.

Billy has been practicing and teaching the WHM for 6 years, but he became well acquainted with the cold and Nature as a young boy, swimming in Lake Couchiching and Georgian Bay, and rolling/running barefoot in the snow (then jumping quickly back in the hot tub). Today he continues to lead WHM workshops and is the co-creator of the Couchiching Cold Community in Orillia, ON. He also teaches holistic nutrition at CSNN and is known for his expertise in zoology and growing food. Learn more about what Billy does by visiting his website:

"If you radiate good energy because you are happy, healthy and strong, that’s Love! So Love is my mission!"

-Wim Hof


Zhong Yuan Qigong practice

WIth Kristina Timchenko( Qigong Healing Master)

Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) is a comprehensive system of Qigong that focuses on cultivating energy, or “Qi,” for physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. It is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of Qigong, rooted in ancient Chinese practices and philosophies. Qigong helps regulate emotions, reducing the impact of stress and anxiety on the mind and body. We will start with learning proper body alignments and foundational stances and proceed with practicing basic Qigong movements that promote smooth energy flow and coordination.

  • Exercises to prepare the body for practice by increasing flexibility and reducing tension.

  • Joint Loosening: Movements to loosen the joints and improve mobility.

  • Rooting and Grounding: Techniques to connect with the earth and stabilize energy.

  • Energy Accumulation: Focusing on gathering and building Qi in the body.

  • Visualization Techniques: Using mental imagery to direct and enhance the flow of Qi.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of Qigong principles and practices, and will be equipped with techniques to continue their practice independently for ongoing health and wellness benefits. 


Kristina Timchenko is one of the world’s best Qigong Healing Masters. She is the eternal student of the Grand Master Mingtang Xu. She graduated from Kundawell Research Image Medicine Institute in China gaining Bachelor degree as a Chinese Image Medicine therapist. Kristina has been practicing Qigong for more than 20 years now. She is offering in-person Qigong sessions every week in Ottawa as well as online classes. She helps people to heal on mental (karmic), physical and energetic levels by her 1:1 healing sessions.



With Igal

Join Igal for an hour-long, all-levels mindful slow-paced yoga class that's perfect for everyone. We'll work on building a strong foundation, energizing our bodies, and using our breath to explore different poses. Igal will guide you through each movement, helping you find balance and support while you engage and recharge. Whether you're new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this class offers a great mix of challenge and chill vibes. Come ready to connect with your body and mind, and leave feeling refreshed and centered.

Igal is a multi-faceted practitioner dedicated to bringing greater health and happiness to clients for over a decade. 

He's a practicing Registered Massage Therapist,  Medical Acupuncture Practitioner, Yoga student & Teacher and Sound Therapy Facilitator. 

Avid lover of life, music, healing practices and healing arts, mysticism and everything in between.  website


Nature’s Art: Ancestral Brush Making and Painting

With Anika Molnarova and Nora Satmarean

Join us for an hour-long, all-levels, nature-based art tool-making adventure that's perfect for everyone!

Get ready to dive into the fascinating medieval art of brush making with our enthusiastic instructors. They’ll guide you through each step as you create your very own brushes using feathers, twigs, and other natural materials. This hands-on, sensory experience invites everyone to connect with nature in a fun and creative way. All the materials needed to craft your biodegradable brushes, just like our ancestors did, are provided. Once your brushes are ready, you’ll use them to create beautiful watercolor cards, inspired by the natural world around us. Take your masterpiece home as a special souvenir of this amazing event.

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to unleash your inner artist, spark your creativity, and learn about history and environmental sustainability. Perfect for all ages, it’s a fun, family-friendly event where you can let your imagination run wild! Come join us for an unforgettable art adventure!

Anika and Nora are multifaceted artists, parents, and Expressive Art Therapists in training, passionate about zero-waste art making. They believe in the sacredness of nature and that we all play a part in the mark we leave on our beautiful Mother Earth.


Sacred Geometry and "Anahata Chakra"

With Elena Akulova

For the past 9 years, Elena's artistic journey has been enriched by the presence of mandalas in her life. Mandalas have become a central theme in her artistic expression, reflecting her fascination with their intricate patterns and symbolic meanings. Elena has delved into the study of art therapy, mandalas, and secret geometry. This exploration has deepened her understanding of the therapeutic power of art and the profound impact that mandalas and sacred geometry can have on one's well-being.


Join us for workshop where we will delve into the world of sacred geometry and the profound symbolism of the Anahata Chakra. This experience invites you to explore the harmonious patterns and vibrant energy of the heart chakra through watercolors.


🌿Watercolor Techniques: Learn how to use watercolors to bring the essence of the Anahata Chakra to life on paper.

🌿Nature Inspiration: Draw inspiration from the natural world, focusing on the lush greens and  beauty that resonate with the heart chakra.

🌿Creative Connection: Connect with like-minded artists who share a passion for creativity and personal growth.

🌿Joyful Expression: Experience the joy of artistic expression and the therapeutic benefits of engaging with sacred geometry.

🌿No prior artistic experience necessary—just an open heart 💚


Let's create beautiful art inspired by the sacred geometry of the “Anahata Chakra” and experience the joy of connecting with nature and each other.


Yoga with steel mace

With Santana Hemenway and Adam Gale

Discover a new found level of flow at the Steel Mace Yoga Workshop. Designed for all levels - the seasoned yogi or curious beginner - this unique workshop combines traditional yoga asana with the dynamic movements of the steel mace. A yoga practice can become the ultimate training system when combined with loaded asana. You’ll learn the basics of steel mace handling while enhancing your proprioceptive awareness. We will focus on alignment and optimizing your flow state. Join us for this transformative workshop. Bring your curiosity and leave with new found strength and tranquility.


With a over a decade-long yoga journey, Santana brings wisdom from her mat as a yoga teacher and personal trainer to holding space for fostering growth and inner strength in others. For the past few years, Santana has studied and integrated steel mace training into her practice, adding a dynamic and empowering dimension to her yoga sessions. This fusion of traditional yoga and innovative strength training has deepened her understanding of biomechanics and mindfulness. Having been a dedicated participant in numerous yoga retreats, teacher trainings, festivals, and workshops, Santana feels the diverse needs and aspirations of the yoga community. Her unique blend of experiences ensures that her teaching is both comprehensive and enriching, catering to practitioners of all levels.

7lb maces will be provided. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.


Emotional Wellness with Stress Buster Techniques

With Katya Revenko

Learn how to “Calm the Storm” with quick and efficient 5-minute Neurovascular therapy techniques for self-care and helping the world at large around you.

In this workshop, we will focus on methods of busting up that stress! You have probably heard the expression “Stress is a silent killer.” It wears the body down, impairs your ability to think, and makes it hard to cope emotionally. It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process.

This method is a part of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Method, and it aims to open the ways for the body’s organic self-healing abilities, so you can revitalize your life.

You Will Learn:

- What Neurovascular means

- The role of Neurovascular Holding Points in stress management

- Location and use of NV Holding Points

- What emotions these NV points correspond to

- Default stress emotions and how to reprogram your response

- Easy techniques for immediate stress relief and long-term resilience

At the end of the workshop, we’ll do a partnered-up exchange micro session for deep mental+ nervous system relaxation+reset.

-It is recommended to bring (but not necessary): yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water, journal, and any other therapeutic additions you may enjoy.

-Verbal consent will be necessary for touch therapy


Katya Revenko is a certified Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Practitioner and Personal Healing Path Coach. EEM blends ancient healing and spiritual traditions with scientific health principles.

Her journey into EEM was fueled by a desire to find a comprehensive holistic modality. Growing up with herbalism and traditional medicine, she explored various energy healing practices over the past 15 years, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Ho'oponopono, Emotion Code, Epigenetics, Neurographica, and reprogramming limiting beliefs. Through EEM, she experienced transformative improvements in her well-being, which motivated her to obtain certification and pursue holistic healing. Her passion is in fusing research, continuous learning, and specialized training to master the secrets to healing and wellness.

Katya is excited to share this knowledge and help you on your holistic path to your healer within. Learn more about Eden Energy Medicine and its benefits at [](

unnamed (2).png

Press your Buttons

With Anto Chan

At the Be Awesome Shoppe, we create one-of-a-kind pinback buttons using images repurposed from upcycled magazines, books, and print items. In our workshop, we will browse print materials to discover gems, cutting out or drawing those images and pressing our own unique designs that you can take home with you at the end!


Anto Chan is a Queer Chinese-Canadian artist, performer, writer, producer and mentor, deeply committed to exploring the intersections of identity, culture, and healing through art. 


Anahata Sounds

Friday evening will treat us to live music performances and electronic music will start Saturday afternoon with the sounds of ambient and downtempo and will slowly morph into upbeat dance party by the evening. Sunday we continue to relax with the ambient music in the daytime and will have a second dance night. Saturday and Sunday evening will be sprinkled with some live music – see below for sound bath and live performance details as well as DJ lineup from 2023.



house / d&b / downtempo chill

Deep house / d&b / funky electro salad

Deep driving house and techno / Melodic tech house

Shamanic-organic-dynamic house

Hypnotic Modular techno

Groove-heavy multigenre house


Melodic tech house / d&b

Deep techno / minimal

Organic bass house / downtempo

Chill reggae / hip-hop / festive house

Basstech drum n step polymorphic dub

VJ: Kane Alexander

Click the DJ name for more details

Live Performances

Live Performances

Josii Yakecan (Brazil)

We are honoured to welcome to Anahata Josii Yakecan, a wild seed from Brazil, singer and composer of medicine music, explorer of voice and sounds.
She expresses her vision and experiences through music, in rituals and ceremonies. Lover of nature, she seeks her greatest source
of inspiration in it.

Josii became known worldwide for her song Jurema Oh Jurema which has been a powerful song in the world of Healing Music and the growing spiritual movement for almost 10 years now. Josii's music has taken her around the world with her performances and ceremonies that provide a sacred, intimate and heart-warming space for all in attendance. This artist

sings the song of the spirit and embodies the stories she tells, expressing music that reverberates deep within the heart, wisdom and soul. To experience the essence of this stunning singer is to be taken on a musical journey that takes us back to the core of our own inner existence. 

Following Anahata, join us for a one-of-kind event Rhythms of Renewal, an evening of cacao ceremony led by Josii Yakecan, extatic dance with DJ Shamashka and a soundbath with Project Mariri. Read more about it and get your tickets here.

foto 1  (1).jpeg

Bondar F.M. Muti-instrumentalist musician

Fedor Bondar is a versatile musician and captivating storyteller who harnesses the power of harmonies and vibrations to

nurture both the soul and body.

His performances, which seamlessly blend voice, guitar, flutes, jaw harps, melodica and a loop pedal, pay homage to ancient traditions of aboriginal people, while also innovating in the modern musical landscape.

Since 2012, Fedor has enchanted audiences across Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia, showcasing his talents as a solo artist and collaborator with talented session musicians.

His belief in the transformative potential of music to foster kindness and unity resonates throughout his artistry, making him a compelling and impactful performer.

During the Anahata Festival, Fedor will be performing original and cover songs with his close friends, Sanya and Julia, around the fire on Friday night. He will be improvising on multiple musical instruments, initiating and participating in live jam sessions, and inspiring others to share their creativity around the fire.

Fedor will play a live accompaniment with DJ Shamashka, augmenting the electronic dance music with live improvisations. Flutes, jaw harps, and vocals will seamlessly blend into DJ Shamashka's set, adding the distinctive effect of live music.

Spotify Instagram Youtube

photo_2024-06-14 12.33.22.jpeg

Sound Bath

With Project Mariri

Enjoy one hour of multi-instrumental multi-dimensional journey through sound.

Project Mariri is a collaboration between Mariya Garnet and Masha Andreeeva based on their longstanding dedication to using music as medicine. Their experience with traditional healing modalities of South and North America and Eurasia informs their shared values that nature is sacred and that we are all interconnected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

Masha and Mariya are integrating years of traditional apprenticeship with formal western education in psychology and psychotherapy to create safe space filled with healing sounds for groups and individuals to journey through soundscapes.

"Mariri" means Force of Nature/Forest for Indigenous people of the Amazon. We feel that the name strongly relates to our belief that nature is sacred and we are part of it. "Mariri" is also a tribute to our plant medicine work.​​​




Svitoplas is a Toronto-based group that aims to create deep, moving musical journeys ranging from meditative to full ecstatic dance. The group consists of Will Luai on guitar, bass, vocals, and production, Alex Widder (Sanya) on percussion, synths, piano, and vocals, Yulia Shevel on violin and vocals, and Hao Hong (Giza) on didgeridoo. The four are looking to nurture a sense of belonging in their new found home here in Toronto. Yulia moving from Ukraine just a year ago, Giza coming recently from China, Will making his way from Vancouver, and Sanya a first generation immigrant of Georgian and Russian descent who has been building community here in Toronto for many years. Weaving together history, emotion, and instrumentation from around the world, their intention is to create a space for expression, creativity and play. They wish to continue showing how humans can thrive and co-create on this beautiful planet, no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. 
Diverse is the musical background, coming together to create something fresh and unique. Yulia was the first violin in a classical orchestra touring all over Europe; a true student of all forms of music she also DJs techno and electronic music. Sanya was also trained as a classical pianist and DJs ecstatic dance music at Ecstatic Dance Toronto and all over Toronto, as well as being a well accomplished multi instrumentalist. Will has a background in jazz guitar, electronic music, and ambient music and blends these diverse genres in his productions. Giza plays didgeridoo at sound healing events and uses a looper to create lush layers of sound with his horn. 

Fire Show

Fire Show

Ignite your imagination with the breathtaking fire performances on Friday night, accompanying the live music, and additional shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Stan Velikolepny - fire staff
Teeba Alkhudairi - fire hoop
Masha Andreeva - fire poi


Anahata expanded in 2023 and was delighted to host these talented crafters this year, who offered us locally and lovingly hand-made jewelry, clothing, delicious food and drinks! Make 

Contact us, if you would like to join as a vendor in 2024.

Siblings snacking in nature

Kellies Samies

Hand-made vegetarian sandwiches by Kelly

If you and your family get hungry between the communal brunch and dinner, theres no need to rush to the tent and start cooking - Kelly's got your back!

Enjoy freshly made two-bite sourdough sandwiches filled with local produce.


Zsolt Sauce

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Thai Chili Peppers, and time. No Sugar, Oil or Preserves. Vegan, Keto and Paleo Friendly plus Gluten-Free with a no-refrigeration required shelf life of five years. Leave it out with your salt and pepper instead of losing it in your fridge.

It's the sauce everyone can enjoy, as it's not about the heat but the flavour. His youngest taster was 6 months old (recorded on Instagram) at the Tillsonburg Fair in Ontario and she loved it!

Zsolt always has his sauce by his side and will take you on a magical Guided Flavour Journey that will blow your mind. It's a kid-friendly trip that anyone can partake in!



Hand-made jewelry and crafts from the Rainforest

Brian Rush will offer Amazonian hand-crafted jewelry and other personal use “artes” from two Indigenous communities in Acre, Brazil - the Huni Kuin community of Aldeia Caucho and the Nukini community of Aldeia Recanto Verde.

Brian will also have available hapeh from the same two communities - hapeh being a sacred snuff used historically in many parts of the Amazonian basin for healing and spiritual purposes (e.g., improved circulation, cleansing negative thoughts, reducing anxiety or craving for alcohol). In respect and reciprocity for
Indigenous people in general, and these communities specifically, all proceeds from the sale of these hand-crafted gifts are returned to their creators (the families of Jose/Para and Iri/Fatima and to Txana Yan Shanenawa, a young shamanic trainee living with his family in Aldeia Caucho.



We are happy to welcome iSauna back to Anahata in 2024, with their aromatic wood-fired barrel sauna, refreshing shower and cooling tubs. Sweat, refresh and chill by the fire in their cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The sauna experience is included in the price of the ticket and will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Barrel Sauna
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