LOVE – things to do at ANAHATA 2022

Anahata offers a wide scope of activities to partake in: there are workshops, live music performances, dancing, refreshing in the pond, sweating in the sauna… check out the 2022 offerings!

The Land

This year Anahata is on a beautiful Merkaba Acres farm in the heart of Kawarthas. There is a wood-fired sauna, a swimmable pond on the property, lots of space for dancing and games, shade for yoga and workshops and a barn for the kitchen. There is a beautiful mandala garden for quiet mediation, contemplation and connecting to the medicine plants.
We are very grateful for the owners to welcome us to their home and count that all participants respect the land, those that live there and the neighbours.

Workshops 2022

Kundalini Yoga with Elena Klymenko

Anahata Kundalini Yoga with crystal Bowls sound bath –  practice that focuses on opening the heart center and aligning with your true path. We will start with realigning chakra warm up, followed by Hatha flow to get your entire body and mind rejuvenated and balanced, followed by special Kundalini yoga kriya for the open heart shining with love and kindness.

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to be an experience for both body and soul.

In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

Your experience will be enhanced with the meditative sound of seven crystal bowls corresponding to each chakra which helps with their alignment and balance.

Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience with Genya Kleiman and Ariel Benavidez

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience is a process that combines various elements to guide the participant to a deeper state of self-awareness.

Many people who experience ERBE say it is one of the most impactful or transformational experiences of their lives. It is very safe (science has proven this time and time again) however it is not to be taken lightly! It’s best done on an empty stomach and in a comfortable position lying down so make sure to bring a yoga mat. Some extra things that can add to the experience are a small pillow, light blanket, journal, and eye mask, however, all you really need is yourself and an open mind. 

The Experience starts with some simple movement and shaking, followed by rounds of Elemental Rhythm breathing, guided meditation, and a sharing circle (sharing always optional), we have refined this process over the last few years to quickly and effectively bring people into a state of profound bliss, enhanced mood, mental clarity, reduced stress and much more.

Please bring an eye mask.

Visit for more details and to view contraindications.

Art and Sound journey by Imi Oto and Sarah Jane

This is an offering to explore your intuitive design. Through a form of Spiritual Art Therapy, using the healing frequencies of SOUND, connecting with Gaia, utilising natural pigments, energetics, meditation, movement and creative flow.
We are creating a safe container for ALL AGES to experience their inner guidance, and connection with the NOW. To celebrate mindfulness, the pure CONNECTION, and POWER we all hold.
Imi Oto, on flute, and Artist, Sarah Jane Mariposa will be your guides for an hour of connection and exploration.
We will be joining in circle to make natural pigments/paints for this Art & Sound Journey.
During this experience, guests will be asked to wear a provided blindfold/MINDFOLD (optional) to enhance their journey. We will be using a simple expression, and medium, in a mindful and intuitive way, with space for retrospection. To activate a deep connection with our divine SELF.

Sound Bath with Project Mariri

Enjoy one hour of multi-instrumental multi-dimensional journey through sound led by Torontos most diverse sound healing collective. From Hindu mantras to Siberian shaman’s drum to Amazonian ayahuasca icaros – sound has been used for millennia by different cultures to change the energy and to alter physical state, to bring healing and transformation. Recent scientific studies now also confirm that through the phenomena of entrainment our brainwaves adjust to the wavelength of the sound, allowing us to use specific frequencies to facilitate different physical and emotional states.​Every organ of our body, every energetic centre has its own frequency, its own sound. We have studied and practiced different healing traditions that utilize sound as one of our tools to offer this healing experience and bring peace, joy and relaxation into lives of everyone.

Shamanic Sound Circle with Masha Andreeva

A large sound circle has become a staple of Anahata. We activate our shamanic wisdom through offering a gift of improvised soundmaking to each other, setting off into a journey into our hearts and dreams. Explore your voice, practice deep listening and mindful sounding that open the heart and invite harmony.

Let your heart guide you, hear your inner voice, take a look at the signs and messages that are waiting to be discovered. As a group, we will be co-creating a healing soundscape for a receiver. Participants will take turns in receiving – journeying through the soundscape. No previous musical experience is necessary. User-friendly instruments will be provided. You may bring your favourite instruments, if you have any.

Developing intuition and Gaia Meditation with Karina Dee

Join Karina for a Unified Chakra Technique meditation where you will experience living light and help ground it to mama Gaia.

Lu Jong Dao De Chi with Liubov Malkova

Details are on the way!

Fire show by Stan Velikolepny

Food (nom-nom)


Drabodan says “Peas!”

Vegetarian meals will be cooked twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast will include tea, granola, bread and spreads. Dinners will be artfully prepared by our chefs and you can expect a tasty vegetarian meal that will give you energy to dance the night away. Don’t forget to bring your own snacks to treat the friends and to munch on during the day, if needed.



  • 6pm – Gates open
  • 8pm – Dinner
  • 9pm – Acoustic night around the fire + Fire Show by Stan Velikplepny


  • 10am – Movnat with Genya Kleiman
  • 12pm – Brunch
  • 1pm – Developing intuition and Gaia Meditation with Karina Dee
  • 2:30pm – Art and Sound journey by Imi Oto and Sarah Jane
  • 5:30pm – Movement meditation with Nadia Stolpner
  • 6:00pm – Sound Bath with Project Mariri
  • 7:00pm – Dinner


  • 10:00am – Elemental Rhythm Breathwork experience with Ariel Benavidez and Genya Kleiman
  • 12pm – Brunch
  • 1pm – Kundalini Yoga with Sound Healing with Elena Klymenko
  • 5pm – Shamanic Sound Circle
  • 7pm – Dinner


  • 10am – Dao De Qui with Liubov Malkova
  • 11am – Brunch
  • 1pm – Closing Circle
  • 2pm – Group effort: Packing-up, cleaning-up the traces
  • Guests leave by 4pm



We are blessed to bring a host of talented DJs to Anahata who meticulously select the most heart-opening tunes to keep you dancing into the night, under the stars, or even under the rain!


The music will play on Saturday into the night and on Sunday light and uplifting melodies will greet the afternoon.

Look for an updated DJ lineup in the Anahata Sounds section closer to the event.

  • Rollin Cash
  • Mac Mc G
  • Congadogg
  • Lexifer
  • Drabodan
  • Kosmonaugt
  • Moloko
  • Frank the German
  • Intermode
  • Geo Ivansky
  • Diana
  • Shamashka