The Land

This year Anahtata is returning to the beautiful land within one hour drive up north, on a private land with 25 hectares of wild Green Belt forest, a 4m deep pond for swimming and another small pond for gazing at the lillies, lots of space for dancing and games, lots of shade for yoga and workshops, a stage for DJs and performers, an outdoor sauna… and a couple of gorgeous peacocks!
We hope this years experiences strengthen our friendship with the hosts and look forward to returning to the land.

LOVE – things to do at ANAHATA 2019

Anahata offers a wide scope of activities to partake in:

Workshops 2019



  • 6pm – Gates open
  • 8pm – Dinner
  • 9pm – Guitar night around the fire, featuring Kyler McKenzie


  • 10am – Playful Animal Yoga Flow
  • 12pm – Brunch
  • 1pm – Somatic Heart Opening
  • 2pm – Chakra Singing
  • 3pm – Mandala Making
  • 4:30pm – Kundalini Yoga with Sound Healing
  • 6:30pm – Moving Sanctuary
  • 8pm – Dinner


  • 11am – Bondar FM
  • 12pm – Brunch
  • 1pm – Make Junk Sculptures
  • 2pm – Yoga with Live Music
  • 3:30pm – Samadeva Yoga
  • 4:30pm – Shamanic Sound Circle
  • 6:30pm – Garnet Mode – live music sound bath


  • 2pm – Closing Circle
  • 3pm – Packin-up, cleaning-up the traces

Kundalini Yoga with Crystal Bowls Sound Bath with Elena Klymenko

Kundalini yoga with Crystal bowls sound bath

Anahata Kundalini Yoga with crystal Bowls sound bath –  practice that focuses on opening the heart center and aligning with your true path. We will start with realigning chakra warm up, followed by Hatha flow to get your entire body and mind rejuvenated and balanced, followed by special Kundalini yoga kriya for the open heart shining with love and kindness.

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to be an experience for both body and soul.

In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

Your experience will be enhanced with the meditative sound of seven crystal bowls corresponding to each chakra which helps with their alignment and balance.

Playful Animal Flow Yoga – with Elena Klymenko

Rise and shine with a fun playful practice that will challenge your body and focus, will bring your practice to a more advanced physical level by gracefully progressing through some warm and preparatory combinations into advanced asanas. all levels are welcome, but you have to listen to your body=)

Moving Sanctuary with Nadia Stolpner

We are magnificent beings, and our bodies have much wisdom. This workshop offers a guided journey to reconnect with your body in nourishing ways, let go of stress and discover the beauty and radiance of your being. With mindfulness practices and freestyle conscious movement/dance, we tap into our embodied being’s innate capacity for healing and flourishing. This workshop can also help you find more ease and comfort in freestyle movement for the evening’s dance events. For beginner and experienced movers alike. Bring a yoga mat or a blanket.

Yoga and Live Music with Fedor Bondar and Jane Kabarguina

People think too much. They need to cleanse their minds and be able to think clearly to take away the white noise in their heads. Our tandem of musicians  have the unique ability to provide the type of rhythm that participants need to clear that noise. They’ll be able to connect better with their intuition and their current mood. Not only will it uplift participants but will give them energy for the rest of the Festival and for the future.

Fedor Bondar and Jane Kabarguina will use a combination of live music and movements from ancient times.

We all sit in silence to meditate, going deep into ourselves. After a few minutes, we’ll create a rhythm. It’ll come from tapping and clapping from the Jane. Fedor translates the rhythm into his own world using an electric guitar with flute and other instruments on top. Both the instructor and musician start sounding and moving as a whole. Participants simply follow verbal and rhythmical instructions and move in yogic poses combining dynamic with static.

Samara yoga with Liubov Malkova

Samadeva Yoga is a syntheses of various types of yoga, that was adapted for contemporary people. Idris Laor is its author, who united the elements of several world practices into Samadeva Yoga, and called them the arcanes. Arcanes, meditative movements and the fragments of Gurdjieff’s dance – You are invited to learn them, at the workclass at ANAHATA with Liubov Malkova.

Heart opening physical practices with Alisa Teva and Anna

We will introduce specific exercises for open chest area, that helps to literally “open your heart” from usual hunchback workspace postures. There are a number of practices in Bioenergetics that help gently do that, helping to release negative emotions that made people “close their hearts”.

Mandala workshop with Alisa Teva and Anna

This will be a combination of few mandala-making techniques, where we can weave in our intentions, aligned with new moon coming on August 2-3. May be we will introduce some elements of neurographics, where we literally “draw our neuronic connections” and rewire our brain.

Chakra sound workshop with Alisa Teva and Anna

We will sing each chakra based on its specific sounds. And learn how to do AUM from root chakra to the top connecting it in one. Beautiful cleansing and attuning exercises. We may add the “singing star” to this practice if time allows, which teaches us to hear out body, and heal it with sound.  Special treat for different sounds for different organs that will help you obtain better health. Great tools to take away home.

Khorovod (Round Dance) with Alisa Teva and Anna

In old times people would do this “human mandala” of circling the energy in and out, mixing Yin and Yang, great practice for large group to enjoy a JOINT activity with fun, total benefit, and connecting to each other.

Sound Circle

sound circle

A large sound circle has become a staple of Anahata. We activate our shamanic wisdom through offering a gift of improvised soundmaking to each other, setting off into a journey into our hearts and dreams. Explore your voice, practice deep listening and mindful sounding that open the heart and invite harmony.




We are blessed to bring a host of talented DJs to Anahata who meticulously select the most heart-opening tunes to keep you dancing into the night, under the stars, or even under the rain!

The music will play on Saturday into the night and on Sunday light and uplifting melodies will greet the afternoon.

Look for an updated DJ lineup in the Anahata Sounds section closer to the event.

Food (nom-nom)


Drabodan says “Peas!”

Vegetarian meals will be cooked twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast will include tea, granola, bread and spreads. Dinners will be artfully prepared by our chefs and you can expect a tasty vegetarian meal that will give you energy to dance the night away. Don’t forget to bring your own snacks to treat the friends and to munch on during the day, if needed.