The Anahata Sounds

It is said that once your heart center (Anahata) activates and your consciousness rests there, you may hear the sounds that penetrate your whole being and that these sounds are most pleasant to the ear and they resonate within every particle of your universe.

Music has great power over our psyche and consciousness. When we hear the music that is in tune with our heart, our heart opens to it and starts to sing it’s own song of love.

The music will start Saturday afternoon with the sounds of ambient and downtempo and will slowly morph into upbeat dance party by the night. Sunday we continue to relax with the ambient music in the daytime and will have a second dance night. Between 6:30 and 8pm you are invited to embark on a live sound journey (see details below).

2019 DJ lineup

Dew Drop
Rollin Cash
DJ Efsharp
Elena Moloko
Milan G
Slava Dee
Diana M
Hélène de Soul
Frank the German
Jah Mike

Anahata brings a host of talented DJs to fill the ancient boreal forest with magical sounds.

Life Performances

Garnet Mode: LIVE AcousticElectronic Sound healing experience

Garnet Mode uses music instruments precisely tuned to healing frequencies in combination with live electronic hardware production to bring you into a deeply entranced or blissfully ecstatic state, where listening becomes a full body tactile experience.

Bondar FM

Have you ever heard birds singing songs to the sun in the morning?

Well, on Anahata you’ll hear something even cooler! In the morning Fedor will be playing live meditative music using instruments such as flutes, guitar, jew harps, trumpet and his magical loop pedal.

And also singing his original songs from his album – Beacon of Happiness.

Music Hugs

Good Palpitations: Music from the heart to the heart.

Inspired by world traditions that use music as medicine, this quartet of friends weaves the sounds to support a meditative journey to the place where love never ends.