The Anahata Sounds

It is said that once your heart center (Anahata) activates and your consciousness rests there, you may hear the sounds that penetrate your whole being and that these sounds are most pleasant to the ear and they resonate within every particle of your universe.

Music has great power over our psyche and consciousness. When we hear the music that is in tune with our heart, our heart opens to it and starts to sing it’s own song of love.

The music will start Saturday afternoon with the sounds of ambient and downtempo and will slowly morph into upbeat dance party by the evening. Sunday we continue to relax with the ambient music in the daytime and will have a second dance night. Usually there is some live music as well – sound bath and live performance details are coming shortly.

NEW THIS YEAR – we will be switching to “silent disco” mode after 11pm. We are renting a state or the art setup with a transmitter and a set of wireless headphones from a local small business to provide you an immersive experience into the sound while also respecting the owners, the neighbours and the living creatures on the land.

2022 DJ lineup

Here is a sneak preview ;)

Look for an updated DJ lineup closer to the event.

  • Congadogg
  • Lexifer
  • Mac Mc G
  • Geo Ivansky
  • Drabodan
  • Kosmonaugt
  • Moloko
  • Frank the German
  • Intermode
  • Shamashka
  • Diana

Live Performances 2022

Soundbath with Project Mariri

We strongly believe that contemporary world needs connection now more than ever.

Connection between individuals, connection between people and nature, and connection within ourselves – between our hearts and minds.

Soundbath is an experience where specifically tuned instruments are used for the creation of a deep state of relaxation, harmonizing our bodies and minds. It is a journey guided by sound, which takes you into a meditative or entranced state where deep emotional processing and release can occur, deep-seated stress can be released and the spirit can travel unobstructed.

Project Mariri  is a collaboration between Mariya Garnet and Masha Andreeva based on their longstanding dedication to using music as medicine. Their experience with traditional healing modalities of South and North America and Eurasia informs their shared values that nature is sacred and that we are all interconnected in the web of life on Mother Earth.

Live Performances 2021

Moskitto Bar

It is not only about the music. In a deeper way it is about the connection between cultures…
~Tangi Ropars, leader of Moskitto Bar. 

Moskitto Bar is a fresh and unique sound created in the multi-cultural hub of Toronto, Canada. Their sound combines a beautiful and original mix of Ukrainian, Balkan, Iraqi Middle-Eastern and French Celtic music. 

Toronto saw the band playing in the streets, community events and bars and more recently in public libraries, Aga Khan museum, Opera House, Ashkenazi festival and Korner Hall. Moskitto Bar shared the stage with international musicians such as famous Russian band Dobranotch,  the Bosnian icon Bozo Vreco, and Burdon Fold Band from Ukraine. Collaborations with other artists is embedded in the band’s culture/mandate. 

The Moskittos and their community of musicians can often be found jamming at Drom Taberna the new iconic live music venue in Toronto. 

Members of the family:

Tangi Ropars was born in Toronto, grew up in France, sings and plays the button accordion. 

Christopher Kettlewell, was born in Canada, plays the upright bass.